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tags: #face claim #eminem
tags: #face claim #eminem
Anonymous sent:
M!A: You are Putt Putt the purple car for one hour

((ngl i have absolutely no idea how to go about this one uh))

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B| No, let us not play ‘steal zhe crutch from zhe cripple’. Go play tag or somezing, like normal children.

But tag is borin’. Tag is for borin’ people, I’m not borin’, Marceh ain’t borin’, so why would we wanna play tag? Do ya want us ta be borin’? Borin’ people are lame.

assertivepyro sent:
little thing

"I’m bored. Let’s play ‘steal the crutch from the cripple’."

petitmadamebleu sent:
Little Thing

He tugs on her dress, looking up at her with sad eyes. “Pretty lady, will you buy me a chocolate bar? My brother won’t get me one and my Ma yelled at me when I asked…”